1. Determine Your Budget

Before you begin your search you should determine how much you can afford. This means discussing some key aspects of your personal finances such as your annual household income, how much you’ve saved for a down payment and your target price with a trusted lender. Also be sure to keep closing costs in mind as they are typically a total of 2-5% of the final sale price.


2. Get Preapproved

Once you choose a lender they will check your credit and ask for documents like tax returns, pay stubs and bank statements in order to accurately assess your financial status.


3. Begin Touring

After you receive your preapproval letter we can begin the fun part – discussing where you’re interested in looking, types of properties you like and what styles catch your eye. Compiling these characteristics will help us to narrow down your search and we can begin touring.


5. Write Offer

Finding a property you love will be very exciting and once you come across one you want to bid on we will provide you with a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis). A CMA will contain a list of similar recently sold properties in the area so you can determine what price you’re comfortable with. When you’re ready we will help you prepare an attractive proposal which will comprise of your offer price and what contingencies to include. We will then submit your offer and it will be reviewed by the seller and their listing agent – the seller will either accept, decline or counter.


5. Close

Once you and the seller agree on the terms, you’ll enter the closing process, or escrow, which normally takes about a month. If all goes smoothly, your contingencies will be removed and your bank will get the money to the seller on time for a smooth closing.


6. Move In

Congratulations! Typically you will be handed the keys after 5pm on the close date.