There really isn’t another place quite like the Bay Area; a diverse mixture of architecture, landscapes, entertainment and cuisine attract people from all over the world. With such a wide variety of things to do it’s no wonder there’s such a captivation surrounding the region. As natives, Taylor and Cory thrive on that exhilaration and fervently work towards making the Bay a permanent home for others.


There are many benefits to homeownership and Taylor and Cory strive to empower people to understand the buying and selling process. They aspire to provide valuable material and eliminate complexities through the transfer of expert industry knowledge. They are advocates for investing wisely and want to assist others in building long-term wealth.


Additionally, their experience in design provides an advantageous perspective. As the Principals of Cory Alisa Fine Arts & Interior Design LLC, Taylor and Cory illustrate prospective improvements and highlight important details of the home so they can provide people with a unique outlook on a property’s potential and inherent value.


Whether you’re in search of your first home, a seasoned buyer or looking to creatively or market your property, you’ll find a rich resource of knowledge, innovative marketing strategies and an unparalleled amount of care when collaborating with Taylor and Cory.